The Operations validator is a tool that has been created in order to validate common services across servers in an environment (very quickly). The services checked are ICMP, RDP, and SSH. Old tools and methods worked, but usually took a few hours to scan all systems if the list went over 1000 machines. This was generally caused by timeouts and checking services that are not needed for every machine. This new tool scans RDP first over port 3389 with which it gets both the status of 3389 and ICMP in one message. If RDP fails to check out, it’ll then try to do SSH assuming it hit a Linux machine of some sort. Behind the scenes it uses NMAP for its quick scanning methods, then parses the NMAP messages to display on the GUI and build a useful report.

The first stable release has been completed at v1.0.0.6. Minor improvements are expected however no major changes are planned at this time.

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