Airsoft Outlaws Revamp

The Airsoft Outlaws website has been an ongoing project for Ninth System for a handful of years. Every two years or so, we completely revamp the site to give it a fresh looks and keep up with the latest technologies. For 2018 and beyond, the ground work has been laid to get them over to WordPress for ease of updating and edits. Due to the amount of custom work done on their previous and current websites, much of the code is being rewritten from scratch to work with WordPress. The two primary features that are currently being converted are the AO waiver system and an upcoming buy/sale/trade portal. The waiver system has been used for a couple years to collect release documents for players looking to play on AO owned properties, and the BST portal will allow them to buy or sale gear with other players in the community. In the past, Facebook had been used to accomplish this however they have updated their rules and removed the page.

Looking forward to releasing this project for them soon. They deserve all of the hard work put into this!

New Buy, Sale, Trade portal. This was created due to limitations Facebook markets have on any sort of weapons (including replicas)

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